Welcome to Taz Pro-Media Photography & Videography

Capturing Moments, Telling Stories

We believe that every moment is a story waiting to be told. Our passion is to capture those stories through the lens, of preserving memories, emotions, and experiences in stunning photographs and cinematic videos.

What We Do


Our talented videographers are storytellers at heart. We specialize in crafting cinematic narratives for weddings, corporate events, documentaries, and more. Our videos are more than just moving images; they’re a journey through your memories.


Our skilled photographers are experts at freezing moments in time. From weddings and engagements to family portraits and events, we bring a unique artistic perspective to every project. Browse our portfolio to see our work come to life.


Meet the Video Directors

Experienced and talented filmmakers.

Meet our visual maestro! Our Director is a master at capturing the perfect shot.


Cinematography and Film Production

In the world of cinematography and film production, we don't just create movies; we craft experiences, evoke emotions, and etch memories that last a lifetime. We're not just storytellers; we're the architects of your dreams.


We Love Collaborating With Other Creatives